[permaculture] Urbanite??? and red brick wall

Greg FarmerGreg at UrbanFarm.org
Wed Dec 22 11:00:14 EST 2004


Urbanite is broken up concrete.  I have been searching fro some for 
quite a long time and finally found some small piece.  Usually when 
they break it up the pieces are huge and unmovable.

I am thinking that I will use stone mason techniques to build the 
wall as the Urbanite is roughly the size and shape of rocks.


>Greg wrote:
>>I have collected a bunch of urbanite and recycled red brick and am 
>>hoping in the next two weeks to build a retaining wall out of them. 
>>The wall will be 40 feet long and only about 18 inches tall and is 
>>to hold back water.  Does anyone have any resources about building 
>>with urbanite?  How to do it. etc?
>    I don't even know what urbanite /is/. According to both google 
>and dictionary.com urbanite simply means 'city dweller'. What is it 
>that you have?
>    I'm interested in building a small garden wall soon (before 
>planting season) and am in the process of claiming bricks from 
>wastegrounds (of which there are quite a lot around me - lots of 
>knocking down of houses, etc). I'll be interested in any answers to 
>    sheridan
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