[permaculture] belated bentonite pond answer (7-26-04)

Keith Johnson keithdj at mindspring.com
Mon Dec 20 22:52:57 EST 2004

When I needed bentonite in quantity I aquired it from well drillers (who 
pump it down the bore hole to prevent the sides of the well from 
collapsing). Be forewarned that when wet it has a consistency and 
stickiness similar to snail slime (which is VERY sticky). Aplication 
techniques range from tilling the dry material into the bottom of the 
drained, and ideally dry, pond, or, if the pond has water in it, dumping 
it dry out of the back of a small motorboat and agitating it very 
thoroughly before letting it settle. I think the tilling approach would 
yield superior results. The volume, of course, would depend on the size 
of the pond.

Albert Postema wrote:

>We are reclaiming an old pond which is full of alders and will need 
>something to plug up the bottom of the pond.  Our neighbors' ponds slowly 
>drain throughout the summer so we probably need something to seal the bottom 
>and would like to avoid having to buy a huge piece of plastic (future 
>garbage).  Does anyone have any experience with or information about sealing 
>  large ponds with bentonite?  If bentonite is a good way to go does anyone 
>have any leads on where I might find some in western Washington?
>Anne Erlandson
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