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Will Carey cure at rtinet.com
Sun Dec 12 14:23:42 EST 2004

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> As for the tree:  the real trees are typically grown just to be used as
> Christmas trees. 
> Maybe even a permaculture farm!  Don't be bashful to have a real tree!


I've always wanted to see a way to tie the Live Christmas Tree idea into an
annual kind of ritual... Like keeping the Christmas tree around until Arbor
Day then replanting?

This would be a complete reversal of the Christmas tree cutting ritual we
now have... Where the family would go out to the forest to hunt and kill the
perfect Trophy Tree for display at home  Instead, we would grow and nurture
the young tree over the winter, then plant them out on Arbor Day as a way of
personalizing our connection to the forested lands.

It's a perfect fundraising project for a Non Profit environmental group...
Selling the live trees in December.. The big fund-drive time... and
organizing the planting celebration on Arbor Day as part of an Adopt a
Forest restoration program?


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