[permaculture] An interesting view of global warming...

Marimike6 at cs.com Marimike6 at cs.com
Sat Dec 11 09:02:37 EST 2004

David Neeley wrote:

>I have not yet studied the data presented, but there is an interesting
>site I ran upon yesterday that has some fascinating takes on the issue
>of global warming.
>I cannot vouch for the site nor do I yet know who is behind it...but
>you may find it interesting at least. 

Junk is of course in the eye of the beholder. I'm only just now glancing at 
this site, but my quick impression is that it probably contains as much junk as 
do the issues it attempts to debunk. I'll want to look at it more closely.

Still, even if it's way off base the site has its uses. It informs us as to 
the existence and nature of current controversies. Thus it suggests to us that 
we look more deeply into them, and discover for ourselves what we take to be 
the truth of the matter.

I think there's a good principle at work here: you should never "consider the 
source" exclusive of any other consideration. Once you start uncritically 
believing what certain people or certain sites have to say, and disbelieving 
others on principle, all science flies out the window and you're just reinforcing 
your articles of belief.

When we read more we learn more. Read "the enemy" occasionally to see whether 
you can debunk their claims. If you can't, maybe that's telling you 
something. If you can-- well then, now you know. You don't just have to take it on 
someone else's opinion.

Just my suggestion.

M. Elvin

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