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Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Sat Dec 11 03:45:06 EST 2004

Michael Kramer wrote:

> I believe that the telling of stories about the kind of man Jesus was would
> instantly teach the lessons of voluntary simplicity, service, and humility,
> qualities which deserve attention in a country which generally lacks them.
> In that spirit, if people are so inclined to give as a way to observe the
> holiday, community service is a terrific way to do so - take a class of
> children down to the local river to study its ecology. If one is more
> inclined to give a tangible object, the most regenerative gifts I've ever
> received are handmade ones which reflect of the soul of the giver and remind
> me of the wonderful feeling of being connected to another person.

As an example of carrying out what you have suggested look at the work Jimmy and Rosalind Carter
are doing, Jimmy in Africa working on a multiplicity of projects and issues and Rosalind working
with global mental health issues.

Jimmy is working to improve the prodduction capacity of 600000 African farmers working plots of land
1-2 acres on average. He claims to have tripled to quadrupled their farm production. I wonder who is working
with him to accomplish this and what methods and materials, tools and equipment are being employed. Are they
promoting Permaculture along with innovative ag methods; do they use Permaculture teachers? He was interviewed
one PBS' Charlie Rose Show last night and talked at length about his aand Rosalind's work.

lfl at intrex.net

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