[permaculture] Indonesian village

Dennis Argall dennisargall at bigpond.com
Wed Dec 8 18:13:15 EST 2004

On 08/12/2004, at 12:17 PM, Dennis Argall wrote:

> I have just taken on facilitation of this newly established 'village' 
> in Java, with issues of rice production and debt
> http://www.nabuur.com/modules/villages_welcome/index.php?villageid=74
Last night, we had a significant rewrite of the title of this page, 
removing the inherited sectarian language, and also set out this:

"Long Term Goals and Vision!
1. For the community to become financially self supporting, adopting 
and developing improved farming techniques and other sustainable living 
2. For the community to be an example and pass on any gathered knowhow 
to the surrounding villages regardless of belief in order to achieve 
regional prosperity."

If we can do that, of course, we will be able to solve the rest of the 
world's problems pretty swiftly! :-)

I am racing today to try to write a draft overview paper emphasising 
the importance of review of agricultural perspectives to be in the 
framework of whole community self-sufficiency and resource management.

Some of you may be interested in helping with that, it will be at the 
'big picture - overview' forum of the discussion section of the web 
site [link above].

If you know people who are or have been working in Southeast Asia, 
please pass this on.



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