[permaculture] I'm looking for a good on-line grocery

Sean Maley semaley at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 3 11:36:32 EST 2004

A quick google reveals:

On the topic:

I have some ideas around this concept and am
researching for a web site along these lines.  Think
of it as an e - bay for permaculture.  The catch will
be that the natural and social elements will factor
into the equation along with monetary costs.  What
products are you looking for?  Whom among the
permaculture community might be able to provide them? 
What can be arranged in terms of payment, volunteer
assistance, and resource trading?  Could this trade be
expanded in such a way that a sustainable loop of
commerce can be created?  If through even trades and
volunteerism a circuit can be made, what affect will
this have for the economic bottom line for the

If the idea is too wild, please accept my apologies. 
If anyone wanted to explore the concept further, I
will be happy to forward my site URL; I don't want to
appear as spamming in the meantime.  I do want to here
if anyone is interested in the concept.

I am an investment management IT professional
currently working as a database administrator in NYC. 
I am working here with a group called Green Phoenix
Sustainable Communities, which is currently
negotiating with the NY Methodist Church to convert
one of their summer camps to permaculture.


--- Paul Wheaton <paul at richsoil.com> wrote:

> It takes about an hour for me to drive to the
> nearest store that has good organic
> selection.  I'm thinking that there might be an
> on-line organic food store that might be
> about the same price once you figure in shipping. 
> And then I'm thinking that I'm
> probably not the first person to think of this. 
> Surely there are other farmers in the
> back woods with a similar idea ...
> Anybody have a favorite on-line grocery?
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