[permaculture] Re: sheet mulching Quackgrass

robscott at freeshell.org robscott at freeshell.org
Thu Apr 29 20:01:22 EDT 2004

When I sheet mulch quack it holds it off for a year - there is no new seed
production - but wow the rhizomes in the cardboard the following year...
I use about 6" cardboard and 6" hay and basically consider that preferable
to mowing. If I weren't in a city I'd find an animal to eat it to the
ground. I've heard the roots make an ok infusion for drinking. Oh, also,
mulching + sunchokes will beat it longer term but careful with sunchokes.

Rob Scott
in Urbana, IL, zone 5

> From: "Andy Fischer"
> Subject: [permaculture] sheet mulching Quackgrass
> Does anyone have experiences sheet mulching Quackgrass
> (Elytrigia repens)?
> What does it take to get rid of some hefty patches of that plant?

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