[permaculture] Ecovillage design

antonio.scotti at tiscali.es antonio.scotti at tiscali.es
Thu Apr 29 11:52:57 EDT 2004

this is supposed to be a permaculture introductury course I'll give near
Valencia, with focus in ecovillage creation.
I guess It should be between 100eu and 150eu, but
I am not organizing this course, so at the moment I can't tell you what
it costs because I don't even know it.
I trust I'll know it in a few days and/or I'll put in touch with the organizer
as well if you are interested.
All the best, let's stay in touch

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Pls let me know the cost of the course.
Dominic Dring
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>Subject: [permaculture] Ecovillage design

Hi all,
where could I find material about permaculture applied to ecovillage design?
Actually what I am most interested at is teaching material related to this
subject for a basic course.
All the best

Antonio Scotti
Cambium - PermaCultura-es.Org

Centro Ki Aikido Barcelona
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