[permaculture] Green in the desert

L.SantoyoDesigns santoyo at earthflow.com
Fri Apr 23 00:08:38 EDT 2004

The other day I happened to be flying over the desert between Phoenix 
and LA, scanning the landscape miles below me to see what tales it 
would tell... and  remembering the segment in The Global Gardener 
video where Mollison visits roadside swales built in the Arizona 
desert more than 50 years ago..they were lush and green and full of 
life...I wanted to see them too.

Though my eyes followed hundreds of miles of roads...nothing. And 
then, abandoning the roads and scanning the great plateaus and eroded 
hillsides, I saw  something.

Five giant bands of green crossing a mighty hill. Two-thirds of the 
way up they began, each contour line must have been over a mile long, 
each band must have been 50 feet wide, and the distance between the 
bands, over 300 feet. An awesome piece of work, and no sign of its 
maker. No buildings or structures or roads were visible anywhere 
around the massive earthworks...Just these green bands of life 
crossing the stark desert landscape, high up a hill.

There are many hills in that desert...


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