[permaculture] Homeland Security: Barn-style

Allan Balliett igg at igg.com
Thu Apr 22 06:25:36 EDT 2004


Hey, I'm doing CSA on leased land not far from a busy road just 
outside of town. We've got a small shed that's full of, in 
hindisight, an amazing amount of power equipment, from BCS tillers to 
a nice orange chainsaw. All of this stuff would move pretty fast at 
flea market in the next state.

I'm wondering how others handle security off-grid but near town.

I'm wondering about everything from foolproof cables to solar 
security lights and I'm wondering about things I have not thought 

I'm particularly wondering about just what kind of cable can be used 
on a strong gate to deter casual thieves. It didn't do my heart any 
good at all to watch the hardware store man cut my new chain off the 
coil like it was butter with a $20 pair of boltcutters, that's for 

Any ideas from your experience or reading? thanks -Allan igg at igg.com

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