[permaculture] RE: Principles vs. techniques vs. data

Brian LeMay blemay at wnclink.com
Wed Apr 21 10:45:58 EDT 2004

"Not to change the subject, but this does I think bring up what I can't
find, which is data, such as particular guilds that work well..."

One of the best places to learn about guilds is in "wild" areas in your
vicinity. Going the Pc route basically makes you an amatuer
botanist/ecologist. Look for plant (and animal) associations around you.
Interpolate and substitute more useful (to you) relatives of those wild
"guild members." Remeber that all regions are unique. What works for a
Floridian will not work for a Oregonian. I like to see Pc as meshing with
the local ecosystem rather than existing as a separate enterprise. So, get
out there and observe. (yes Toby, I've read your book ;) )

Brian in southern appalachia

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