[permaculture] Re: zonation

Robyn Francis erda at nor.com.au
Tue Apr 20 17:59:35 EDT 2004

maybe you could describe these invisible structure 'zones' as ZONE 0 SPHERES
of Influence: Personal, Immediate extended family/friends, Neighbourhood,
Bioregional, Sate/National, Global. Etc broken into themes like finance,
political, intra-personal etc
The methodology of Zonation in design is about physical placement in terms
of proximity, convenience, access and schedules, and as such is a great tool
for achieving a number of pc principles (work where it counts, conserve
energy etc) in the design process.
The principles of pc/sustainability can applied in many ways, on many
levels. It's good to see this discussion, but I concur with others in that
we shouldn't confuse the terminology of established design tools, though
they can certainly be useful models to inspire thinking beyond the intended

On 20/4/04 2:16 PM, "Michael Kramer" <MKramer at hawaii.rr.com> wrote:
> The following are Zone 1-5 examples in
> various aspects of our lives:
> Financial: (local buying/trade, coop buying, Internet purchases,
> stocks/bonds, taxes;  job income, interest income, investment income, gifts,
> inheritance)
> Personal: (eating/sleeping, exercise/relaxing, hobbies/reading, social life,
> travel)
> Interpersonal: (partner/children, extended family, friends, acquaintances,
> strangers)
> Spiritual: (prayer, weekly rituals, holiday rituals, fasts/retreats, vision
> quest
> Emotional: (values/feelings, expressions, goals, contemplations, denial;
> love, friendship, tolerance, judgment, hatred)
> Political : (local involvement, letter-writing, activism, organizing,
> voting/lobbying)

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