[permaculture] "Societal" zonation and "evolution"

Donna Jones djones at kodiak.alaska.edu
Mon Apr 19 09:46:03 EDT 2004

Zonation is such a good tool that I hate to see it blunted by mixing
metaphors.  Used as originally conceived, it orders and clarifies the
physical aspects of a site in a way that immediately transfers to another
person.  ('Zone 1 is as far as my hose reaches', for example.)

It is most imprecise to speak of society and ideas 'evolving' ! 
Developing; renewing, growing, changing, disintegrating, maturing, yes. 
Even site plans and sites do not evolve, but again  are changed, grow, die
out, colonize or are colonized, and so forth.

The essence of PermaCulture is that it is a created order.  Permaculture
did not just happen randomly.

Donna Elizabeth

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