[permaculture] Arkansas Regional Food Network

Robert Waldrop rmwj at soonernet.com
Mon Apr 19 11:56:31 EDT 2004

I am happy to announce that our neighbors in
Arkansas are organizing an "all-Arkansas" food
marketplace similar to the Oklahoma Food
Cooperative (which specialize in local foods).
They have a website at www.farmtable.org .  Their
first Arkansas Food Celebration will be June 2nd
in Little Rock, as a joint benefit for the
Arkansas Regional Food Network and the Arkansas
Rice Depot, which is a hunger organization in
Arkansas. The menu will be "All Arkansas".  Kim
Barker and I went over there and spoke to the
Arkansas Farm Community Alliance meeting at Mount
Petit Jean in January, and this group has grown
out of that presntation.  Ragan Sutterfield, one
of the organizers, visited one of our delivery
days to get a feel for how things worked.  I think
they expect to be "open for business" sometime in
the summer.  I will be one of the speakers at the
June 2nd event.

Please pass word of this development along to
people that you may know who live in Arkansas.

Robert Waldrop, Oklahoma City

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