[permaculture] Permaculture Zones

robscott at freeshell.org robscott at freeshell.org
Sun Apr 18 23:41:45 EDT 2004

Regarding Toby's comment on the zones getting blurred: I agree.

I think this becomes an instance of confusing an organizational idea with
the examples which illustrate that idea. "Zones 1 to 5" in my system are a
name for how frequently the inhabitants visit and manage an area. Linking
frequency of use and proximity.

The discussion of connection to society is separate for me. To build on
Toby's example of blurring: I've seen projects with zones 1-5 which do not
talk to society, and I've seen a person run a full-time business in his

As a person working on a non-commercial Permaculture project, I see the
question of relationships to society as much larger than "where to zone my
for-sale crops?" -- so I take that as *an* example but not *the*
organizational idea.

Kramer's comment about inspiring people to *want* Permaculture is the
direction I'd go in a discussion about zoning Permaculture into society.

Rob Scott

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