[permaculture] organic farming opportunity in Ohio

Katherine Steele kat at steelemoon.com
Fri Apr 16 21:39:36 EDT 2004

Forwarded from  riverxo at hotmail.com

Does anyone know of a green farmer willing to farm oats, or corn or 
alfalfa ORGANICALLY in north east Ohio? 
The collective I participate in needs to farm about 70 acres this year 
and the guy who usually does it has suddenly decided to retire.  The 
other farmers in the area want to Plant soybeans (monoculture) and 
Spray Herbicides.  The land has been organically farmed for about 7 
years.  Do you know of an organic farming group I could contact?  And 
it's April and time to till.  Any leads or ideas are appreciated.   

Please reply directly to  riverxo at hotmail.com

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