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Builder, Spring Grove, PA May 6
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Hi Farmers and friends,
We will be hosting the kick off workshop.  John Duran USDA ARS Soil
scientist, Pres. of the Soil Society, Editor of Journal of Sustainable
Agriculture, and director of the Sustainable Soil Fertility Initiative
(an International project).  Will lead a discussion/demonstration of a
very hands on soil analysis and the use of some of a very farmer
friendly test kit to determine soil quality (many of the components can
be home made or local bought).  Additionally, John Jeavons, author of
many publications and Founder/Executive Director of Ecology Action of
Willits CA.  Is giving a 3-day workshop May 7-9 and will give a FREE
LECTURE on the world food situation and how we can address these
concerns in practical ways and how we can make our farms more
sustainable.  The lecture (and Workshop) is about 3 miles from our
farm.  I will also do a tour and discussion of our farm practices and
marketing.   It is very exciting to have these folks here Please see the
agenda for details.

THE AGENDA MAY 6 at Sonnewald Natural Foods Spring Grove. PA

1-3:30 PM  Dr.  John Duran:  "What makes a quality soil and how to
assess it"
3:30-5 PM  Farmer Steve Moore .  "Tour of Sonnewald, discussion of
farming operation and marketing"
5-6:30 PM  Bring your own bag supper, relax and get to know the
group. (gather up farmer/intern surveys)
7-8:30 PM  FREE John Jeavons Lecture "World Food Situation and
solutions" (applicable to our own farms)

*Please contact us for details and more information at:
Steve and Carol Moore, 1522 Lefever Ln., Spring Grove, PA 17362,
717-225-2489,*_ sandcmoore at juno.com_
_Don't Miss Michael Shuman, April 21, Shepherdstown, WV

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