[permaculture] Is Stopping Coke or Any Company Part of Permaculture Design?

Michael Kramer MKramer at hawaii.rr.com
Thu Apr 15 01:46:34 EDT 2004

This list certainly focuses on topics of people's interests, but that
doesn't mean it addresses all the topics within permaculture. It's always
interesting to look at where the edges of a social movement are, and I'm
curious about Toby's sentiment that this Coke post might be over that edge.
I've been mulling over his point about this list being a forum for the
positive practice of ecological design.  Certainly economic restructuring is
an integral component of this, and socially conscious investing is a key
permacultural strategy to that end. Part of that strategy includes
highlighting the companies to reform/avoid as well as those to generously
support. People need to know which companies are destroying the planet, and
while it may be easy for permaculturists to see that about Coke, there are
other less obvious examples that would certainly surprise many people on
this list, so is it not a service to my community to point those out as a
form of education? We MUST take on the corporate world if we are to design a
sustainable society, as many corporations that believe they are above the
law, the common good, or the will of shareholders who own them.  This
arrogance is at the heart of many social ills as well as much of the
anti-American sentiment around the world.  Every time we shift resources
away from certain businesses and increase the market share of better ones,
we are indeed part of the solution. Most posts to this list don't address
Zones 3-5 (societal permaculture), and in my view they certainly should; in
knowing what to avoid as well as what to support, we reaffirm our commitment
to creating and using more regenerative resources. I wonder if posting a
comparison between a company like Coca-Cola and a better alternative
qualifies as an ecological design contribution; would it be permacultural to
promote organic soda companies or healthier drink businesses and leave the
anti-Coke comments out? Or would people rather be anti-corporate altogether
and promote cider pressing and goat milking? I think this is a good

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