[permaculture] Killer Coke

Jocelyn Paquette sixdegrees at baynet.net
Wed Apr 14 19:15:10 EDT 2004


Loren said:

I can accomplish a lot more by growing herbs for our apartment building and
helping educate people about how to separate stuff for recycling than I can
by writing a letter to some executive in Bolivia.

My reply:

I can accomplish a lot more by talking with people about how what seem to be
small parts of theiir daily lifes, in particualrly consumer activities, such
as buying coke have an impact far beyond the choic to
recycle , return , reuse or redesign thehole thing. People drink coke,
pepsis, eat chocloate, drink coffee, and so on, if you want to talk to more
than the converted talking food is fun and informative.

I an sit down with a potential group of entrepreners looking for a niche
market and talk about a local soft drink company.

I can run aworkshop on orgaic pest control which i am doing saturday morning
and add in a few wrods aboout teh fair trade organic coffee we are serving .
Events thats serve only one purpose waste energy.

I can be teh volunteer community garden coordnaitor and run gardening
workshops throughout the season  there is much we an all do. What are we
doing? What are we prepared to do?



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