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> Bob wrote:
> > Greetings, first you assess the site then you create the plan. This
> > "campaign" is very much in line with Permaculture design, think about
> > community economics and right livelihood, . . .
> Yeahhhhh, sorta, but the post in question doesn't qualify as an

but it is a starting point to begin a discussion ; we need to determine the
nature of the problem before we can eveolve a solution out of the problem.

So my first post was an entry point. a low energy way to get a dialogue

> respond. (Not to make a mountain from a molehill, but I'm always
> in exploring what this list's purpose is)
> I think most everyone on this list is aware of the social injustices,
> environmental problems, etc. that the world faces. More examples of the
> familiar problems facing us won't make us better designers.

No but a disucssion of our role might.  I offer Killer Coke as an example, a
story we can follow so we can see the theory and the action.

 There are
> thousands of calls to action and lists of evil deeds that are tangentially
> related to Pc, and if we all started sending them in, they would swamp
> list. I would rather not open the door to them here. Now, if someone wants
> to use a quote from that sort of post as a jumping-off point for a novel
> solution, I'd be delighted to see it.

already done.

> I also assume--though I could be wrong--that the post was a mass
> of some sort that went to lists and people not related to Pc (which is a
> possible test for relevance). Unsolicited off-topic mass forwardings,
> especially if not written by someone on this list, have a pinkish
> color that's a bit like spam.

that may be true if teh whole article was posted instead of a teaser.
Perhaps, seeing an email as a single event rather than a part of a continum
of discourse does make it difficult to follow email conversations.

> Claude wrote:
> >I appreciate the off-topic posts -
> I do too (this is an example), when they are individual posts written by
> people on the list; it's a wonderfully diverse crowd and I love to know
> people are thinking about. My main criterion here is: Was it written by a
> list subscriber? If Bob wrote the Killer Coke piece himself, I'll back the
> bar down one notch, but still, I'd like to keep the "relevance to Pc"
> indicator pretty high on this list, and allow my bruised "delete key"
> to heal.

You mau have nothing better to do than reinvent the whell which my writing
the Killer Coke piece would be, but I am busy and am simply trying to
introduce( by the simplest means possible) into the list a dialogue that i
feel is missing and that is very relevant to permaculture.

So possiblby my approach or technique is not perfect, big deal. at least I
am tyring or maybe the term experimenting ( oh so PC) is better.

anyway respond or delete; choice is the beauty of free will. C

Bob ewing
> Toby
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