[permaculture] Killer Coke

Toby Hemenway hemenway at jeffnet.org
Wed Apr 14 18:14:29 EDT 2004

Bob wrote:

> Greetings, first you assess the site then you create the plan. This
> "campaign" is very much in line with Permaculture design, think about
> community economics and right livelihood, . . .

Yeahhhhh, sorta, but the post in question doesn't qualify as an assessment;
it was a list of still more corporate crimes and a call for activists to
respond. (Not to make a mountain from a molehill, but I'm always interested
in exploring what this list's purpose is)

I think most everyone on this list is aware of the social injustices,
environmental problems, etc. that the world faces. More examples of the
familiar problems facing us won't make us better designers. There are
thousands of calls to action and lists of evil deeds that are tangentially
related to Pc, and if we all started sending them in, they would swamp this
list. I would rather not open the door to them here. Now, if someone wants
to use a quote from that sort of post as a jumping-off point for a novel Pc
solution, I'd be delighted to see it.

I also assume--though I could be wrong--that the post was a mass forwarding
of some sort that went to lists and people not related to Pc (which is a
possible test for relevance). Unsolicited off-topic mass forwardings,
especially if not written by someone on this list, have a pinkish unnatural
color that's a bit like spam.

Claude wrote:
>I appreciate the off-topic posts -

I do too (this is an example), when they are individual posts written by
people on the list; it's a wonderfully diverse crowd and I love to know what
people are thinking about. My main criterion here is: Was it written by a
list subscriber? If Bob wrote the Killer Coke piece himself, I'll back the
bar down one notch, but still, I'd like to keep the "relevance to Pc"
indicator pretty high on this list, and allow my bruised "delete key" finger
to heal.


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