[permaculture] Impending massive seal hunt in Canada

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Tue Apr 13 20:08:31 EDT 2004

Bob <Jocelyn Paquette> wrote:

> nice, but ineffective as a protest or political comment. cute though. Might
> make a good picket sign or tshirt, though. Somethings are just commercial.

I thought it was a pretty good statement.

> So do we know who benefits from the commercial hunt? Are they (the

Claude just informed us that it was jobs and sales of sealskins.

> benefactors) the target? What plans do those who seek to end someone's job
> have to replace it? Any transitional strategies in mind or is it easier
> being nasty or cute?

That's like suggesting that here in my area we embark on a massive hunt-trap
program to glean deer/rabbit/fox/racoon skins from the countryside for the fashion and footwear industry.
Deerskin SUV seatcovers ..... how tony.

PHOQUE the canucks who would participate in the upcoming seal hunt. Maybe they will have a change of heart.

My personal physician is a Canadian and a very fine doctor. She would probably laugh if someone called her a canuck.

lfl at intrex.net

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