[permaculture] Impending massive seal hunt in Canada

Jocelyn Paquette sixdegrees at baynet.net
Tue Apr 13 11:26:05 EDT 2004

Perhaps a quick geography lesson is in order. The majority of Canadians do
not in the Maritime provinces, especially Nfld. nor do they participate in
the seal hunt or do they profit by it. Of course it is fair to say that they
do not protest it either.

Do you condemn all seal hunters or just the big commercial rigs?

So you now find all Canadians disgusting because of the seal hunt...........

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> Jocelyn Paquette wrote:
> > Greetings, great post if you want to insult people and achieve nothing.
> >>300,000 harp seals to be killed within a 36 hour period
> >>
> >>What's got up <certain of> the Canuks?
> >>
> >>Shame them.
> Disgusding thing for them to do.
> the hell with their jobs and fur profits
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