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Picking up on discussion about asphalt.. I live in a small village in 
southern Spain.  We have a smallholding on a track serving about 50 
other farmers.  The track is in really bad repair and the local town 
hall have refused to maintain it.  I want to help organise those of us 
served by the road to club together to pay for a suitable solution.  
The track is approx 1 km long, 5 meters wide and of varying gradient - 
some flatish(~ 40%) and other parts sloping quite steeply.  Much of the 
track is bordered on the lower side by an irrigation channel.  The road 
has, over time, become very heavily pot-holed through heavy rain and 
poor drainage.  With this sketchy information can anyone point me 
towards appropriate ways of making sustainable repairs to the road.  I 
envisage that we could use local contractors who have the kit but may 
not have the knowledge - e.g. someone said "lets concrete the whole 
road" which I assume is not the best way forward?  I'm happy to provide 
any other info that may help to formulate a response.
Thanks in anticipation.
Tel:  0034 952 15 32 92

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> I know of two opportunities:
> 1) There is a porous asphalt much used in Mexico that allows water to
> perculate through it.  I'm not sure it is 
> 2) Grass Crete: Like breeze blocks but laid on the side. The grass 
> growsthrough it and it does not suffer from frost.  It can be made 
> to sit flat
> and is used for fire truck access in multi family dewelling 
> complexes. Lance
> Thompson at enviroscape at telus.net showed a picture of it to me at 
> a workshop
> recently.  
> He also showed examples of parking lot/swale combo at schools and
> institutions here in wet, occasionally snowy Vancouver BC Canada.
> At my local community swimming pool, they put the ground source 
> heat pump
> pipes in the soil beneith the parking lot - If you can't avoid it 
> make much
> use of it. Other dual uses that come to mind are tennis courts, roller
> hockey, volley ball and basket ball.
> Harold Waldock
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> I'm working on the permaculture & landscape design to a new 40 
> acre 
> campus being built by Organic Valley.  We're putting in employee 
> gardens, 5 acres of prairie, edible landscaping in the parking 
> lots, & 
> hopefully a 20 acre demonstration farm in the future.  Also in the 
> design is an iniative to keep the whole place certified 
> organically 
> since that's the benchmark of the industry we're in.  The biggest 
> disappointment with the process so far is that they are having a 
> 250 
> car parking lot complete with the asphalt.  None of the 
> alternatives 
> that have been looked into so far will hold up to a lot of 
> freezing & 
> thawing & in some years a lot of snow plowing.  Anyone have any 
> experience in a northern clime with something other than gravel, 
> asphalt, & these permeable tiles which shift around & would make 
> it 
> hard for snow plowing?
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