[permaculture] Burned land in Thailand

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Mon Mar 31 23:04:54 EST 2003

Warm greetingsfromThailand

Weare hoping someone can help us. WE are trying to getin touchwith a man named Yoot  who lives here in Thailand, in ChiangMai. WE haveemailed several times and wonderif anyone hashis phone number or other contact information. We want to talk with him and are trying to track down some resource books, including theDesigners Manual. ANy help would be great.

Also, we were just given about 11 acres here in northern thailand to startour project the Whispering Seed, a home for orphaned and abusedchildren and a communitylearning center. WE have been working onthe land for the past monthand have been talking aboutwanting to host a pctraining course on theland some timein the oct,nov,decemberof thisyear. 

Unfortunately, the land was just burned fairlybadly.  WE are not sure what happened, aslots of firesin this area during the dryseason and people burning fields to grow more taro potato.

Along with the burned land,the neighborsalso cut a largepart of the land thinking that it wastheirs, so theycould grow plant more taro. THeycutall the bamboo and trees.

ANy suggestions onthe land, what to doto helpthe land afterthe burningand anyideas on replanting for the areawhich wascutwould be great.

WE have about 15 jackfruit trees, andanassortmentoflemon, tamarind, pineapple, mango, bananawhich was all burned. SOme looks like itwill come back butwe are not sure whatdirection to go with the land at this point.

ANy suggestions aboutthe landwould be greatly appreciated.

Pray for Peace!!!!
saowanee and jim
the whispering seed

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