[permaculture] Re: Looking for arracacha & melloco

Rick Valley bamboogrove at cmug.com
Sun Mar 30 21:26:03 EST 2003

Yacon a son gout, y'all!

You might want a recipe for the day you've enough to snarf a bunch. One bus
ride in Peru the gringa I was sitting with caught the assistant driver's
fancy and so we got to sit at the crew table when we stopped at a
restaurant. Instead of a chicken dinner we got boiled roots with a sort of
Just boil a mess of fava beans, assorted color potatos, mashua and oca. Make
a pesto with Tagetes minuta marigold leaves (aka "stinking Roger" in OZ) and
hot peppers and a bit of veg oil and salt. Dip the spuds, beans and roots in
the pesto and eat.
 A very pleasant change from fried food and rice it was.
Tagetes minuta is a great companion crop too, nematacide and nectary plant.
Definitely part of the guild.


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