[permaculture] Re: [permiesguild] PC Guild teachers wanted!

Claude William Genest genest at together.net
Sat Mar 29 00:50:15 EST 2003

Hi Gang,

I've been incommunicado for a while and in quite a whirlwind. First, my
beloved father passed away at 81, his funeral was Thursday. He was a much
loved public figure here in Quebec as an actor, radio personality and
politician. He received an honorific eulogy from the Governor General of
Canada and many other dignitaries.

Meanwhile, I had presented myself as a candidate for the Green Party for the
upcoming election    and have since been elected by my peers to be the
Party's Vice-President.

As a result of my father, my own television background, and now my
visibility as the Green party V.P. I am getting a lot of media exposure and
I want you all to know that I am hyping permaculture at every turn and that
much of what permaculture is about has made its way to our party's platform,
something I am terribly proud to stand behind.

In other news, it appears David Suzuki himself will present himself as head
of the National greens in a bid to become Prime Minister of Canada.....

Finally, my web site is at last up and running:


I will be hosting Peter Bane here in Sept. to give our first PC course.

Best Regards to all,


on 3/28/03 6:22 PM, Laurie Winkler at laurie_winkler at hotmail.com wrote:

Spring greetings all,

Let's stack functions here!  The Culture's Edge special events planning team
have invited Permiesguild teachers to give an introductory Permaculture talk
to newcomers at the Southeastern Summer Pc Gathering.  They are reserving a
space for an intro talk on Friday August 8th, and one on Saturday.  What two
people would like to jump in here.. keep the juices of our pc learning
community flowing!  Let us move... let us create.  Let us hear two replies
resounding among this listserve.... YES!  YES!  I will teach!

Note... this is in addition to the call of 4 presenters for the pc teachers
convergence itself which Ricardo and Bruce sent out a couple weeks ago.

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