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Subject: Waru waru raised beds | Nasca puquios aqueducts |
Terraced amphitheaters

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Defending Against Frost, The American Way: Past
& Present || A Photo Gallery By Kashyapa A. S. Yapa

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Clark Erickson, Associate Professor of Anthropology
Department of Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania

See resources on:

Waru Waru
Raised Field Agriculture in the Lake Titicaca Basin of Peru.
Pre-Columbian Fish Farming in the Amazon

Erickson, Clark.  2000.  The Lake Titicaca Basin: A Pre-Columbian
Built Landscape.  p. 310-356.  IN: Imperfect Balance: Landscape
Transformations in the Precolumbian Americas.  Edited by David
_____ 24-page PDF
_____ Classic article on human-built landscapes and sustainable
agriculture practices in Bolivia and Peru over last 8,000 years,
featuring raised fields, stone-faced terraces, sunken gardens,
irrigated pastures, and more.

 Raised Field Agriculture in the Lake Titicaca Basin: Putting
Ancient Andean Agriculture Back to Work.
By Clark Erickson | Expedition, 30(3):8-16.

Pre-Columbian Fish Farming in the Amazon

An Artificial Landscape-Sacle Fishery in the Bolivian Amazon

The discovery of over 500 square kilometers of artificial earthworks
that are identified as fish weirs

The native peoples, the Baures, built a vast network of fish weirs,
ponds, canals, and causeways to harvest fish and other aquatic

The availability of protein is considered by some scholars to be
a “limiting factor” in settlement and cultural development in the
Amazon region. The Baure solved this problem by transforming
the landscape into a large artificial fishery.

An artificial landscape-scale fishery in the
Bolivian Amazon by CLARK L. ERICKSON
Nature 408, 190 - 193 (2000)

Ancient food for thought by WARWICK BRAY
Nature 408, 145 - 146 (2000)

Also see:

Anthropology 433:: Andean Archaeology
Fall 2001 || Professor Clark L. Erickson

Altogether, some excellent resources for permaculture
teachers to show examples of indigenous knowledge
agriculture, built landscapes, sustainable agriculture
practices, etc.

Steve Diver

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