[permaculture] Looking for arracacha, maca & melloco

Nick Routledge fellowservant at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 28 13:14:50 EST 2003

> Any nursery sources for Oca, Oxalis tuberosa, for U.S.gardeners?
> Regards,
> Steve Diver

The plant breeder Alan Kapuler has been growing oca in Corvallis, OR, for
the past couple of years, I believe. Selection still at earlyish days
(smallness the main issue, I believe), but he may well have some tubers to
part with. Either way, I suspect he has some valuable insights into
propagation and breeding strategies. He ain't a web wonk, but his phone
numbah is 541-752-0421

Alan was largely responsible for handholding mashua into the extended care
of our local alternative ag tribe just a couple of years back. Mashua is
emerging as quite the power plant. Exceedingly fat, happy and prolific
hereabouts. So much so that almost immediately, mashua found its way into
our localized health food stores where it flies orff the shelves. Produce
managers can't get enough of it. Very much the exotic food plant that has
created a big stir hereabouts. It has been interesting to witness such
explosive Cultural adaptation. 


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