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Michael Burns burns at panix.com
Fri Mar 28 12:35:36 EST 2003

Dear list members, friends, compa~neros, and diggers,

I'd like to invite you join an email discussion group about permaculture.
This email list is a simple and easy way to learn and share information
about a very ambitious movement. I don't think that this list will have a
great volume of messages but when any list member has something relevant
to share they will have an easy way to spread the word, to find answers to
problems, and to keep aware of sustainable work around the region. To
join, just send a blank message to:
fingerlakespermaculture-subscribe at topica.com.

SUSTAINABILITY PROMOTES PEACE. As we thaw out from an impressive winter,
many of us are dreaming, building, soaking up some sun and probably
starting seeds. I don't doubt also that many of us, like myself, are
finding ways to cope with the war on both a personal and political level.
Personally, I am trying not to let the war derail my dream and plans of
building a more sustainable and just culture. In fact, I believe that such
a long-term vision is necessary if we hope to prevent future governments
from taking the path that Bush is leading the world down.

PERMACULTURE? Over five years ago, I discovered a mix of methodologies and
ideas referred to as "permaculture" that I believe can help us sustain a
just and joyful quality of human life on this planet.  Proponents of
permaculture--despite their enthusiasm for the discipline-- rarely can
settle on just one definition of permaculture, attesting to the
adaptability and diversity of this movement. I sometimes describe
permaculture as a methodology and theoretical framework for designing and
recognizing sustainable patterns across many cultures.

WHY AM I DOING THIS? Almost a year ago I took a mad leap towards
demonstrating the value of permaculture land design by purchasing and
moving onto a large parcel of land in Cayutaville, N.Y., about 15 miles
southwest of Ithaca, N.Y.  Now I find myself in a cozy, off-grid home with
still much work to be planned and implemented all while I pursue a
teaching career and graduate work.

Most pressing on my mind as I survey the muddy field around my house is
the need to design--using permaculture principles--the gardens, chicken
and duck runs, work spaces, and orchards in the immediate area around my
house.  This pending work reminds me that there is no network of
permaculture practitioners in the Finger Lakes area with whom to consult.
I've met many aficionados in my very few years here, but unlike some other
areas of the world, those who use methods inspired by permaculture have
few opportunities to share and teach each other.

WHY AN EMAIL LIST? Some of you who are receiving this invitation
have talked with me about forming an organization, or organizing a
permaculture conference or workshops.  The demands on my time are
overwhelming. It would be impossible-and certainly quite unwise--to
organize on my own. However, I'm hoping that for those who have email
access, this email list will serve as a headwaters into a larger stream,
moving us to a more coherent network that will support so many great
visions of sustainability.

The collective talent of people in the Finger Lakes region, working on
issues of sustainability, is impressive. From at least as far west as
Naples and to the east of Cortland is a latent network, indeed a culture,
of hard-working visionaries. Let's connect.

AN EASY START. Send a blank message to:
fingerlakespermaculture-subscribe at topica.com. The Topica.com web site will
send an automated response. You will be asked to reply to this message
thus confirming your subscription to the list.

Like wise, you can just visit:
and then follow the instructions.

If this sounds interesting to you, then I'm sincerely looking forward to
your subscription and participation.

Michael Burns

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