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I had the same question last year on this list and was told essentially 
not to worry about it too much....
The creosote logs I had were over a hunfred years old ( most railroad 
ties will be old) and so most of the leaching is long gone. Also, you 
could leave the ties out in the sun for a season and finally, you could 
grow cover crops near the ties for a year ot two to suck up any 
residual yucchiness. Finally, you could always grow 
perennials/companion plants nearer the ties and leave your more 
delicate food plants furhter away from them...

On Thursday, March 27, 2003, at 11:04 PM, BK wrote:

> Hiya.
> Any more info on creosote? How bad is it? Would anyone dare touch food 
> grown
> near it?
> I knew it wasn't great stuff, but there were quite a few laying around 
> with
> little else to use for an edge.
> Should I rip em out and find something better? High priority/low 
> priority?
> Cheers,
> Bear
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