[permaculture] Re: Branches and small diameter wood

Conrad Juraschka conjur at telus.net
Thu Mar 27 23:48:32 EST 2003

Once upon a time Rick Valley said:
> I have been using ramial chipped wood for 20+ years, and I have seen
> startling results. Like growing the best garlic I ever have, in heavy clay
> full of quack grass and a water table just inches below the surface all
> winter.
> And yet, despite distributing the report on RCW from Celine Caron describing
> Lemieux's work that I sent to the Activist years ago, I still have people
> hoarding big heaps of tree service chips until they are subsided, moldy and
> cold, and then SPREADING THEM ON THEIR PATHS. Fortunately, they do not have
> no carboneris holding up their nitrogens in their beds ("reach for the sky,
> you stinking nitrate!")

I am in Coastal British Columbia, would you use only Red Alder and Maple for
these chips, or could they also be mixed with conifers. Ie. Douglas Fir and
Hemlock. Would you use these as mulch on top of a sheet mulch?

Thank You
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