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  Creating a Life Together: Practical Tools to Grow an Ecovillage or 
Intentional Community, by Diana Leafe Christian, editor of Communities 
Magazine (and resident of Earthaven Ecovillage), foreword by Patch 
Adams. 2003 New Society Publishers, 272 pp. $23 (available from 
Permaculture Activist, May 2003). "Creating a Life Together is an 
overview of the process of forming new ecovillages and intentional 
communities, gleaned from founders of dozens of successful communities 
in North America formed since the early '90s. This is what they did, and 
what you can do, to create your community dream. It attempts to distill 
their hard experience into solid advice on getting started as a group, 
creating vision documents, decision-making and governance, agreements 
and policies, buying and financing land, communication and process, and 
selecting people to join you. It's what works, what doesn't work, and 
how not to reinvent the wheel. This information is not only for people 
forming new communities - whether or not you already own your land. It 
can also be valuable for those of you thinking about joining community 
one day - since you, too, will need to know what works. And it's also 
for those of you already living in community, since you can only benefit 
from knowing what others have done in similar circumstances. "

"A great deal of research and trial-and-error has been assembled here, 
and every potential ecovillager should read it. This book will be an 
essential guide and manual for the many Permaculture graduates who live 
in communities or design for them." --Bill Mollison

"Wow! The newest, most comprehensive bible for builders of intentional 
communities. Covers every aspect with vital information and hundreds of 
examples of how successful communities faced the challenges and created 
their shared lives out of their visions. The cautionary tales of sadder 
experiences and how communities fail, will help in avoiding the 
pitfalls. Not since I wrote the Foreword to Ingrid Komar's Living the 
Dream (1983), which documented the Twin Oaks community, have I seen a 
more useful and inspiring book." --Hazel Henderson 
<http://www.hazelhenderson.com/>, author, Creating Alternative Futures, 
and Politics of the Solar Age.

"A really valuable resource for anyone thinking about intentional 
community. I wish I had it years ago." -- Starhawk, author of Webs of 
Power, The Spiral Dance, and The Fifth Sacred Thing -- and committed 

"Creating a new culture of living peacefully with each other and the 
planet is our number one need--and this is the right book at the right 
time. Creating a Life Together will be instrumental in the ecovillage 
courses I teach. I can't wait to tell people about it." --Hildur 
Jackson, cofounder, Global Ecovillage Network (GEN); co-editor, 
Ecovillage Living: Restoring the Earth and Her People.

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