[permaculture] Looking for arracacha, maca & melloco sources

Keith Johnson keithdj at mindspring.com
Thu Mar 27 21:19:06 EST 2003

Hi Larry,
L.SantoyoDesigns wrote:

> Hello All,..  I am looking for sources of:
> -Arracacia xanthorrhiza, Arracacha

Oregon Exotics (if they're still retail. Let me know.), Sunny Lands 
Seeds, Box 385, Paradox (that's for sure), Colorado 81429 970-859-7248 
are the two listed in Cornucopia Two (which you should get a copy of, 
Larry. We still sell it. $45 + 10% shipping).

> -Ulluco tuberosus,  Melloco.

I'd check with the folks at Occidental Arts and Ecology Center. I think 
they've been growing it for several years. It's related to Malabar Spinach.

> -Lepidium meyenii, Maca.

I've corrected the spelling above to correspond to the Latin names in 
Lost Crops of the Incas and Cornucopia
Available from:
Herbs-Liscious, 1702, S 6th St, Marshalltown, IA 50158,, 515-752-4976
Janca's Jojoba Oil and Seed Co, 456 East Juanita #7, Mesa, AZ 85204, 
That stuff's reputed to be an aphrodisiac. If its that quality you seek, 
look into epimedium sagittatum, or horny goat weed. Easy to grow in 
fairly deep shade....and it works ;-) .

> also -"Mandarin Melon Berry"(TM)
> "... from the swampy Yangtze deltas on China's east coast..."

I got mine from Edible Landscaping, PO Box 77, Afton Va. 22920, 
1-800-524-4156 He's got several large specimens there that are just 
gorgeous and thriving. He grafts cuttings onto seedlings and he has a lot.
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