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I would use the wood unvarnished and let it rot over time. Just make sure it
does not come in contact or proximity to the house, because it will become
termite ridden soon enough. Railroad ties are soaked in creosote, which is a
listed hazardous waste. I would dispose of them in an approved landfill.
Check with your state's regulations for the appropriate landfill type. I
prefer hay paths for a suburban front yard non-border. Even my uptight, lawn
loving neighbors have come to appreciate the plethora of color in my front
yard. Chicken eggs from the back yard also smooth the acceptability


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I am helping someone do some front yard gardening, and he is
interested in a more formal look than I have with my front yard
gardens.  (My garden beds are outlined with logs.)  He can't afford
the expensive landscape stones that are typically used for retaining
walls, but he already has a supply of 2 X 6 X 12 lumber, and so we
were thinking about making beds with them, in several different shapes
(squares, rectangles, triangles, etc). We also have some natural
stones that he has acquired, and were thinking of incorporating them
somehow with those borders  We were wondering about using a varnish or
stain or paint on the lumber before using it for garden bed borders.
Any thoughts?  The lumber hasn't been treated with a preservative.

He also has some used railroad ties, and we were wondering about them.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Robert Waldrop, OKC

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