[permaculture] Re: permaculture Digest, Vol 2, Issue 35

Rick Valley bamboogrove at cmug.com
Thu Mar 27 12:56:18 EST 2003

Scott sez:
> I wonder Toby if some of this lopsidedness has to do with immigration
> policy? 

Well, I can date the upsurge in planting of birch trees in Oregon landscapes
to the immigrations from "back East" post WWII; I know families from Eastern
Oregon who moved to the megacity and brought Lombardy poplar (very "poplar"
for windbreaks in E. OR) We also have a new assortment of edibles and
medicinals that came from Laos after Vietnam. Going way back, it's been
proposed that Pawpaw (Asimina triloba for y'all that speak the Queen's
English) got to Pawpaw Michigan with native Americans. There's a disjunct
population of Oregon Crabapple up in the mountains at Breitenbush
Hotsprings- hotsprings are generally associated with disjunct populations of
edible and herbal plants. And me, I plant Sassafras wherever I land. I can't
stop chewing the twigs...

everybody gardens


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