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Looks like your book has the definitive take on the subject.


Australian weeds haven't been exported into Europe? They're lucky then. Check 
out San Francisco's all-consuming hatred of the demon-from-hell eucalyptus 
species. They regret ever having brought in these aromatic pests, which have 
displaced a large number of now-endangered endemic flora. I don't know where 
Scotch broom came from, but it's another invasive to central California that 
has crowded out what used to be a very interesting set of temperate-zone 
beach flora.

One thing that would have disrupted the ecosystem is that the California 
natives used to be simple hunter-gatherers, fortunate to live somewhere the 
livin' was easy. They would have selected for the plants they liked to eat 
just by spreading the seeds and encouraging stands of food plants. This stage 
was probably an early precursor to agriculture, where people would stop to 
plant a peach pit when they were through with the peach. 

We don't do that. If we have a use for a piece of land we just bulldoze 
whatever was on it and replant it in grapes for instance-- a lot of 
California has gone into the grape because wine makes millionaires out of 
small plot holders in the Napa. 

Mike Elvin
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