[permaculture] Re: permaculture Digest, Vol 2, Issue 35

Scott Pittman pci at permaculture-inst.org
Thu Mar 27 10:38:57 EST 2003

I am reaching the same conclusions as you, Rick, about compost being a 
waste of energy.  I find that laying out my compostables where the chickens 
can work it leaves it in good enough shape for the orchard.  I'll try the 
clay and garbage disposal just to improve my "scientific method".
I do like compost tea, but that doesn't take that much compost - it almost 
seems homeopathic.


At 02:06 PM 3/26/03 -0500, you wrote:
>Scott- do you have compost piles in pits? And, do you add clay slurry to
>your compost? It's a way of increasing moisture retention while adding
>mineral. Garbage smoothies are good too- run a sink disposal into a bucket.
>I've given up compost bins as a waste of time, but if I went back to the
>Sonoran desert, I'd try and build (or excavate) an earth berm compost bin
>-Rick (indoors hiding from the rainy season that finally came)

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