[permaculture] Re: Branches and small diameter wood

Rick Valley bamboogrove at cmug.com
Thu Mar 27 11:30:09 EST 2003

> I claim no startling results as I've only just begun

I have been using ramial chipped wood for 20+ years, and I have seen
startling results. Like growing the best garlic I ever have, in heavy clay
full of quack grass and a water table just inches below the surface all
And yet, despite distributing the report on RCW from Celine Caron describing
Lemieux's work that I sent to the Activist years ago, I still have people
hoarding big heaps of tree service chips until they are subsided, moldy and
cold, and then SPREADING THEM ON THEIR PATHS. Fortunately, they do not have
no carboneris holding up their nitrogens in their beds ("reach for the sky,
you stinking nitrate!")
Back to carbon coppicing: slender, supple, succulent coppice regrowth is not
just easy to gather, *it will fit in a much smaller chipper* and, I believe,
could even be within the $ efficiency range with manual chopping in a place
where machinery was too economically dear. So there's another reason for
hedgerows/agroforestry features in your systems.


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