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Thu Mar 27 08:25:44 EST 2003

can anyone tell me if mashua will make it up here in the cold cold 
north (zone 4, -20 to -30F)?  & can it be used as a perennial?


a lot of our available woodchips & saw dust are at least half white 
oak, I still find chips that are years old, that really are still in 
their original unbroken down form.  I think they are more likely to 
play host to an army of fungi then to break down & contribute to the 
humic/organic content of the soil.  at least in my lifetime.

On Thursday, March 27, 2003, at 01:56 AM, Rick Valley wrote:

> From: BK <lildragon at saber.net
> has essentialy made large brush piles and then planted tubers in there 
> such as potatoes and mashua.
> That makes total sense to me! Tropaeolum tuberosum (mashua) is a 
> nasturtium; I've always had good luck growing nasturtium in compost 
> towers.
> Compost towers: make a cylinder of wire on a garden bed, fill it, and 
> cap with finished compost. Plant in it. A good technique for limited 
> space, adds material to the garden bed, adds "edge" drawback is you'd 
> best use seed-free material because it won't heat much or get turned.
> -Rick
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