[permaculture] Sheet Mulch

Kevin email ktopek at houston.rr.com
Wed Mar 26 19:33:01 EST 2003

Guess I need to have my say too. I have also opted for sheet mulching as my
primary method of fertilization. If it is thick and has received moisture in
the last 100 days, the soil interface zone is moist. There is no nitrogen
tie up (or bondage) if there is a humus layer between the carbonaceous mulch
and the soil proper. Moisture is necessary to get the humus developed from
the sheet mulch over several months if bare dirt is the original substrate.
Inoculate the sheet mulch with composting green waste or animal manures. I
use my chicken made compost/mulch or bunny poop. The extra bacteria are what
does the trick. It also encourages fungi and slime molds. Once there is a
healthy biological community established, water will be retained by all the
mucilaginous exudates. I think glomalin my be the largest water sink, but
this is only conjecture on my part. I hope I have not been too repetitive,
but remember: Mulch, moisten and inoculate, then wait.


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