[permaculture] wood in drylands

Rick Valley bamboogrove at cmug.com
Wed Mar 26 00:29:10 EST 2003

From: "Paul A Cross" <charybda at newmex.com

>I would love to get good at reducing branches and small diameter wood into
useful material. There's a dozen tree trimmers who would love to haul me
loads on a daily basis this time of year thru fall. Right now it all goes to
the landfill.

It's not cost effective for the tree trimmers to use chippers? What are the
landfill fees in your area?? They're not chipping and composting there? What
is "small diameter" and what is "firewood" in your parts and what does a
cord cost?
I definitely do not enjoy processing woody debris that someone else has
accumulated. That's nothing like the "source separation" that I practice as
I work. And while I seldom leave a hole dug for obtaining earth unfilled
with wood, I seldom dig a hole for the purpose of burying wood. Although if
I was in a dryland, I would for sure try building some "buried" swales
filled with wood anywhere there was a water source handy, like road runoff.
But more often than not I am simply doing the least amount possible to
change the microclimate- scythed grass, a few turfs, take a leak on it when
I'm near.

>Short of chipping it and spreading as mulch, we use it for animal habitat.

How about in a cattle pen? They are pretty good at reducing branches. I used
to put brush in my driveway to reduce it in the summer (my average summer is
dryer than yours) the branches get crisp real quick and crush nicely, then
into the compost they go. How about as brush fascines for erosion control?


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