[permaculture] Cold Frames

Rick Valley bamboogrove at cmug.com
Tue Mar 25 12:22:35 EST 2003

Anybody care to share their experiences and techniques with cold frames:
when to set up, when to plant, what to plant, what not to plant,
construction details, tips on using salvaged old windows, mulching around
the edges, bed prep before hand, watering???

Gene; old wooden frame windows are too much hassle for me:
1) thin, fragile glass, they can blow around
2) often thickly coated with flaking lead paint
3) varied sizes
but I have done it very well in a sheltered spot with 2ft X2 ft. open bottom
cedar boxes filled with compostables (a Peter Chan technique to which I
added the glass lid for winter)

tempered glass shower doors are da kine, for me. I have made moveable frames
with recycled 2X lumber. works pretty well. Watering is by hand.

I've seen the box made with straw bales.

For larger projects, I use recycled greenhouse plastic over PVC (yuk) or
black poly hoops attached with garden clips (the plastic clips my friend
Elaine Meyers began importing from Japan)
Those can be big enough to walk in.

-Rick (of the Willamette) Valley

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