[permaculture] Major historical incompatibility complex

Rick Valley bamboogrove at cmug.com
Mon Mar 24 22:18:52 EST 2003

From: Marimike6 at cs.com

 So my feeling is that we try to ignore them at our risk-- one day they will
be driving stakes at the edge of our property and putting up signs about the
proposed rezoning. We really do need to stay involved, even if our
preference is to avoid politics. Otherwise we'll wake up one morning
wondering what that sound is, and it'll be a bulldozer.

OK- here's an idea I ponder from time to time. I look at successful  human
"old-growth" groups- por ejemplo, the Amish in the US- and wonder how best
we can incorporate that lasting success in our social permaculture designs
without sacrificing the anarchic spirit that has allowed us to develop our
interest in permaculture to begin with.
How best to build a flexible, tolerant, tough, inclusive community to deal
with the invasive future-eater's culture that will show up with the

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