[permaculture] Re:books and mags:Thank you Lawrence

Keith Johnson keithdj at mindspring.com
Thu Mar 20 21:44:48 EST 2003

Since the sales of the Activist pays for the publishing of it (and not 
much more) we find the fees charged by credit card companies excessive 
(Paypal adds even more fees) and we do not support them. So, we take 
personal checks and money orders. Peter Bane, the editor, IS the the 
entire book department (and the advertising department and basically 
every other department and all of this in addition to a huge teaching 
schedule, occasional consulting and design projects, bookeeping for 
Earthaven, mountains of email, committee meetings, building OURSELVES a 
new office [we're FINALLY in after 4 years - praise God / Goddess], 
logging, road construction, water tank construction, mushroom 
propagation and a myriad of other tasks. Toby Hemenway [bless him again 
and again] and I do our best to help out. Hacking an ecovillage out of 
the woods on a very low budget is a full time job in itself.). We are 
VERY grateful for your support. Pattern Language (the second in the 
series with all the patterns numbered for easy reference, the principal 
book for designers) is $65, Holmgren's excellent new book is $28, and 3 
years (first time in 18 years that we will produce 4 issues a year) of 
the Activist is $55, for a total of $148 + $14.80 for shipping and 
handling (total $162.80) Please send your payment  to The Permaculture 
Activist, PO Box 1209, Black Mountain, NC 28711.

Thank you very much Lawrence,.
Keith Johnson

Greg Peterson wrote:

> Ahh but how does one order from the Activist?  Online? Via the phone?
> Greg Peterson
>> Keith Johnson wrote:
>>> When you can order a thousand books at a time, you can charge 
>>> whatever you want for it. Notice all the disappearing independently 
>>> owned bookstores. The megastores are killing communities and the 
>>> "pattern language" of local culture. Meanwhile, if our book business 
>>> dies, so might the Permaculture Activist magazine. You're free to 
>>> invest in that if you choose. Unless you prefer to "stand strong 
>>> together" and support those who are struggling to serve you.
>>> Keith

>>> Good news! We just added Christopher Alexander's (et.al.) monumental 
>>>  work, A Pattern Language, to our booklist.
>> Hang on Keith, I'll subscribe to the PC Activist and buy several books.
>> I've been looking for this awhile. How much is it from you all?
>> Could you post exact ordering info, all costs, etc. for 3 years PC 
>> Activist,
>> A Pattern Language and Holmgren's book?
>> Also could you describe a Pattern Language a bit - I want to make 
>> sure its the same book I tried to get from Borders.
>> Thx,
>> LL

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