[permaculture] Re: A Pattern Language (available from Pc Activist)

Keith Johnson keithdj at mindspring.com
Wed Mar 19 22:27:21 EST 2003

When you can order a thousand books at a time, you can charge whatever 
you want for it. Notice all the disappearing independently owned 
bookstores. The megastores are killing communities and the "pattern 
language" of local culture. Meanwhile, if our book business dies, so 
might the Permaculture Activist magazine. You're free to invest in that 
if you choose. Unless you prefer to "stand strong together" and support 
those who are struggling to serve you.

T. Gray Shaw wrote:

>Hi Keith,
>News flash: Amazon sells it for $45.50.
>>Good news! We just added Christopher Alexander's (et.al.) monumental
>>>work, A Pattern Language, to our booklist.
>When we build walls and borders from fear and hate and gun
>The hatred turns around and strikes at everyone
>But when we stand strong together and let love and joy its will
>Misfortune can't defeat us, it makes us stronger still
>  - Dan Bern, "Oklahoma"

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