[permaculture] RE: Major histocompatibility complex (MHC)

Russ Grayson pacedge at magna.com.au
Mon Mar 17 19:14:23 EST 2003

On Friday, March 14, 2003, at 04:57  PM, Bob Howard wrote:

> "Eugene F. Monaco" wrote:
> >The white man is a good example of such a hardy weed…<

Well, the same could be said for any people that has moved into and 
settled a region. Putting this in racial terms is a bit misleading. The 
Chinese, for example, have dome particularly well colonising and 
inhabiting areas outside their centre of diversity.

If what the writer says about white people being a 'hardy weed', then 
this has been to the people's advantage in setting up home in diverse 
climates and regions and, from their point of view, is a highly 
valuable characteristic as it encompasses biological adaptability, a 
key characteristic for the survival of any life form.

Let's steer away from racial interpretations of things.

...Russ Grayson
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