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Steve Diver steved at ncat.org
Sun Mar 16 18:33:12 EST 2003

"when the white lily sets flowers, we gayfully go down to the
lake to harvest the eggs of the swan"

= phenology


Phenology Web Links: (1) Sequence of Bloom, Floral Calendars,
What's in Bloom; (2) Birds, Bees, Insects & Weeds

The other term offered, phenomenology, reminds
me of Geothe and Steiner.

The phenomenology of Goethe seems particularly
well suited to permacultural observation.  For example,
plant metamorphis studies aim to understand a plant
by observing it and experiencing it, rather than by
dissecting and analyzing it.

An example of Goethean Metamorphosis - The Leaf Sequence

These two books on Goethe + Phenomenology + Nature
are really good:

Goethe's Way of Science:  A Phenomenology of Nature
(Suny Series in the Environmental and Architectural Phenomenology)

The Wholeness of Nature: Goethe's Way toward a
Science of Conscious Participation in Nature

The Louis Bolk Institute has published several items
on phenomenolgy, including Arnica montana studies.
The English web pages are under re-arrangement,
but LBI is worth visiting to learn about organic farming,
organic food quality, and phenemenology.

Louis Bolk Institute

This online article from The Trumpeter gets into
Geothe's ideas, environmental philosophy, and
and Nature observation and perception.

All is Leaf: Goethe's Intuitive Intellect and Environmental Philosophy
The Trumpeter (1998)
Chris Storey

Steve Diver

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