[permaculture] RE: Major histocompatibility complex (MHC)

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Wed Mar 12 16:25:12 EST 2003

Eugene F. Monaco wrote:
>>The white man is a good example of such a hardy weed?<

> Researchers correlate the high parasites to high sugar diets, and things 
> that convert easily to sugar, like simple carbs.  African diets are 
> better, consisting of more whole grains and fiber accounting for the 
> difference.
> There is a mindset in much of Western culture that focuses on germs.  

> BTW, holistic healers recommend doing a parasite cleanse twice a year.  
> Nature?s Sunshine has a Chinese ParaCleanse formula now with Paw Paw, 
> which has anti-cancer properties 6000 times of the chemo therapy 
> formulas.  You can order it at wholesale from my website listed below.

Thanks to Mike and Eugene for the serious heads-up on health.

Regarding the "parasite cleanse" or GI tract cleanse often recommended
for those who may be ill or plan to switch to a better diet, there seems to me
to be a first line of defense, diet and health-wise, that consists of the following:

1) avoidance of foods that you are allergic to (though you may lose that allergy to some
[i.e. peanuts and oats] after using the following):
2) high-fiber-containing foods:
    whole grains:
         corn grits
         rolled oats
         brown rice
     flax seed meal freshly ground or ground-refrigerated
3) PROBIOTICS or probiotic supplements
     soy yogurt

New Chapter makes an array of probiotic supplements - freeze-dried
culture of an array of beneficial intestinal microflora - none
contain any dairy products or wheat. Some have herbs added such as
ginger, cayenne, slippery elm bark and more
The NC products I use every day and recommend are:
All Flora
Smooth Food II
Anti Aging Formula

NC, in partnership with Paul Stamets offers an extensive line of mycomedicinals,
may of which build stamina and you immune system (reishi, maitake, shittake, etc.)
They even make one to help people quit smoking and purge their bodies of the effects of smoking,
and second hand smoke

4) cayenne pepper
5) herbal tinctures such as ginseng (builds appetite and stamina, stimulates digestion) and astragalus (fortifies your immune system)

lfl at intrex.net

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